“Light is good from whatever lamps it shines,

Knowledge is good from whatever source it originates.”

To emphasize the significance of festivals, a special assembly on Dussehra, the festival which resonates with the victory of good over evil was presented by the energetic students of middle school on 17th October 2018.

The assembly commenced with the speech by Mehak Negi of Class VIII B. This was followed by a short skit depicting some scenes from the epic ‘The Ramayana.’

A vibrant colourful Dandiya Dance was presented by the students of Junior School.

The principal Dr. Rama Anand appreciated the worthy effort of the students.

Fancy Dress Competition

Pine Hall School Holds Fancy Dress Competition

Impersonation is a favourite game of the students. They love to pretend to be someone else and enjoy their own “make believe” world. To encourage their hobby and to give them a proper platform to exhibit it, the best medium is a fancy dress competition.

The annual fancy dress competition was held in Pine Hall School on 13th October 2018. Pre-Nursery and Nursery class took us to the zoo showcasing wild-life. There were bears, monkeys, rabbits, peacocks, squirrels, butterflies, parrots, giraffe, elephants and a lion along with tree and flowers. The winners were:- 1st position – Urmi (Peacock)  & Ikjot (Parrot), 2nd position – Aayra (Butterfly) & Vaibhav (Elephant) & 3rd position – Siddharth (Monkey) & Utkarsh (Rabbit).

KG A class students represented fruits and vegetables and their importance in our diet. The winners were:- 1st position – Ayush Singh (Brinjal), 2nd position – Arth Puri (Chilly) & 3rd position – Akhil (Orange).

The students of KG B fascinated one and all with their ramp walk. The winners were:-     1st  position – Namra, 2nd position – Dakshash &  3rd position – Vedanshi.

We came to know about the people who help the community in the presentation of class I A. The students brought to life the various professionals and helpers. The winners were:- 1st position – Pihu (Principal),  2nd position – Vedanshi (Teacher) and 3rd position – Atul (Air force Officer)

Class I B represented their nationalistic attitude by presenting the different states of India. Their languages, costume, food and dance were highlighted by their performance. The states from Jammu & Kashmir in the North, Kerala in the South, Gujarat in the West and Tripura in the East were presented by the students. The winners were:-

  • 1st position – Akshat & Aanya (Rajasthan),     2nd position – Akshita and Tanmay (Punjab) and 3rd position – Aradhya Bisht and Harsh (Manipur).
  • Class II A and II B brought alive the characters of Arabian nights and fairy tales respectively on the stage and mesmerized the audience. The winners were:-
  • Class II A: 1st position – Anukalp Thapa (Genie), 2nd position – Angad (Ali Baba) and 3rd position – Aditi (Jasmine).
  • Class II B: 1st position – Tanvi Uniyal (Fairy), 2nd position – Samridhi (Snow-white) & 3rd position – Prachi (Red Riding Hood).
  • The Principal Dr. (Mrs.) Rama Anand praised the efforts of the students and the teachers and gave away the prizes.

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