Fancy Dress Competition

Pine Hall School Holds Fancy Dress Competition

Impersonation is a favourite game of the students. They love to pretend to be someone else and enjoy their own “make believe” world. To encourage their hobby and to give them a proper platform to exhibit it, the best medium is a fancy dress competition.

The annual fancy dress competition was held in Pine Hall School on 13th October 2018. Pre-Nursery and Nursery class took us to the zoo showcasing wild-life. There were bears, monkeys, rabbits, peacocks, squirrels, butterflies, parrots, giraffe, elephants and a lion along with tree and flowers. The winners were:- 1st position – Urmi (Peacock)  & Ikjot (Parrot), 2nd position – Aayra (Butterfly) & Vaibhav (Elephant) & 3rd position – Siddharth (Monkey) & Utkarsh (Rabbit).

KG A class students represented fruits and vegetables and their importance in our diet. The winners were:- 1st position – Ayush Singh (Brinjal), 2nd position – Arth Puri (Chilly) & 3rd position – Akhil (Orange).

The students of KG B fascinated one and all with their ramp walk. The winners were:-     1st  position – Namra, 2nd position – Dakshash &  3rd position – Vedanshi.

We came to know about the people who help the community in the presentation of class I A. The students brought to life the various professionals and helpers. The winners were:- 1st position – Pihu (Principal),  2nd position – Vedanshi (Teacher) and 3rd position – Atul (Air force Officer)

Class I B represented their nationalistic attitude by presenting the different states of India. Their languages, costume, food and dance were highlighted by their performance. The states from Jammu & Kashmir in the North, Kerala in the South, Gujarat in the West and Tripura in the East were presented by the students. The winners were:-

  • 1st position – Akshat & Aanya (Rajasthan),     2nd position – Akshita and Tanmay (Punjab) and 3rd position – Aradhya Bisht and Harsh (Manipur).
  • Class II A and II B brought alive the characters of Arabian nights and fairy tales respectively on the stage and mesmerized the audience. The winners were:-
  • Class II A: 1st position – Anukalp Thapa (Genie), 2nd position – Angad (Ali Baba) and 3rd position – Aditi (Jasmine).
  • Class II B: 1st position – Tanvi Uniyal (Fairy), 2nd position – Samridhi (Snow-white) & 3rd position – Prachi (Red Riding Hood).
  • The Principal Dr. (Mrs.) Rama Anand praised the efforts of the students and the teachers and gave away the prizes.

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