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Fee Rules: Boarders

Registration Fees

Application on the prescribed form must be accompanied by an age certificate and non-refundable registration fee of Rs. 500/-

Children registered for admission will be invited for a written test and interview. Admission is subject to Qualifying the entrance test.

Note : No child can be considered for admission unless he/she has been registered.

Non-Payment of Fees

A student joining the hostel at or after the commencement of a new term is required to pay all the hostel charges from the very beginning of the new term. No reduction of fees will be made on the grounds that the student was not present in the hostel. In case if hostel dues are in arrears for more than two months then interest at the rate of 10% will be charged on monthly basis.

A boarder will be debarred from attending classes and is liable to be sent home at the parents expenses whose boarding charges are in arrears by more than three months.

Refund of caution money

The caution money will be refunded to the parents after one month from the date of withdrawal of their ward and on the production of receipt provided no dues or fine are outstanding against the boarder.
Disputes: Any disputes and/or claims of any nature whatsoever, will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Dehra Dun court only.


  1. Parents intending to withdraw their child from the hostel at the end of a term must submit three months notice ending on the last day of the term or pay full boairding & lodging and tuition fees in lieu of notice.
  2. In case of withdrawal after the 1st term (April- September), three month's notice should be given before 15lh July otherwise full dues for the second term (October-March) will be charged.
  3. If a child is withdrawn either by the parent or by the school once the term has started, no remission of fees of that term will be made.
  4. Change of status from a boarder to a day scholar will not be permitted.
  5. No Transfer Certificate will be issued until all dues to the school are paid.

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