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Rules and Regulations (Hostel)

Code of discipline and decorum

  1. The Principal is empowered to remove a boarder from the hostel on the grounds of indiscipline, neglect in academics or frequent absence from the school.
  2. Boarders are not allowed to keep valuables, jewellery, camera, video games, mobile phones, i-pods, medicine or any risky articles with them. Personal luggage will be checked by the wardens when a boarder rejoins after a vacation or at any other time. Unauthorized items will be confiscated and returned at the end of the term. The school bears no responsibility for the loss of expensive and unauthorize items by the boarders. The Chief Warden has the right to scrutinize all the correspondence sent or received by the boarders.
  3. No boarders should borrow money or clothes from others.
  4. Boarders must write a letter to their parents once a week.
  5. Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the Hostel. If found the same may be confiscated by the school authority.
  6. Boarders are not allowed to use any personal electric gadgets like heater, electric iron, etc. If found the same may be confiscated by the warden.
  7. All school property must be handled with due care. Any damage to furniture, equipments etc. will be recovered from the student's account.
  8. All boarders are expected to display good conduct at all times and extend proper respect and courtesy to all members of staff.
  9. During school time, parents/guardians are not allowed to visit their wards. Parents are not allowed to enter the dormitory. They can meet their wards only at visitor's room.
  10. Only permitted visitors/local guardian will be allowed to meet the boarders. In case parents sending a new person, it must be informed to the principal.

Download List of Articles required for a Boarder.

All the boarders must join the hostel with a complete outfit. The school has its own approved tailor. All articles of uniform can be provided by the school if required and the cost should be paid in advance at the time of admission.

Parents of boarders are required to send sufficient money a month before the end of each term for the travelling expenses or else the parent should make the arrangement for their child's homeward journey. The school will not pay any advance towards journey expenses of their wards. The parents must inform the authority in case if their ward intends to go self.

The ticket for journey should be arranged in advance by the parents.

The School forbids (tuck) from home. If it is sent will be distributed among all. The school has a tuck shop from where the children can get their tuck as per guidelines laid by the Hostel Superintendent.

Pocket Money will be strictly regulated by the school. Parents are requested not to send money directly to the children and students are not expected to have cash in their possession. All cash must be deposited with the school office. Coupons issued to the students may be spent at the school tuck shop.

Boarders are required to put on complete school uniform at time of departure and arrival in the school.

Strictly no cash is allowed in school. The rule must be adhered to and any lapse is immediately penalised.

Telephone calls for boarders are allowed on Sunday only from

  • 09:00 am to 12:00 noon Girls/ Boys for Nursery to V
  • 12:00 noon to 04:00 pm Girls/ Boys for class VI to XII

Boarders must leave the hostel on the day the holiday commences and not a day earlier and must return to the hostel a day before the commencement of the term. It is the responsibility of the parents to see that children are brought back on appointed date. If they fail to do so, the school reserves the option to allow or disallow the child to be taken back. Parents have to pay extra charges of Rs.300/- per day if they fail to collect their ward from the hostel after the commencement of summer / winter vacation.

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