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Terms and Leave Rules (Boarders)


There are two terms in each year. First term is from April to September and second term is from October to March. The hostel is closed for about seven/eight weeks during summer vacation and nearly four weeks during winter vacation and its is necessary for all boarders to go home during these holidays.

Leave Rules

  1. Leave must be applied for at least 24 hours in advance.
  2. Boarders are allowed to go out with their local guardians on the last Sunday of the month between 9 A.M. and 6 PM.
  3. Boarders are allowed to go out on the holidays mentioned in the school calendar. They are allowed to stay out for the night only with their parents and authorized guardians on the last Saturday of the month.
  4. Leave will be given for weddings of real sisters and brothers only. No leave will be granted just before the examination.
  5. Parents are not allowed to meet their ward admitted in the hostel at least for a month after the admission.
  6. The school will not be held responsible if a child leaves the boarding campus without permission from the authorities.
  7. Leave may be granted for special medical treatment, provided it is recommended by the school doctor.
  8. Boarders who have gone out due to any disease have to produce a medical fitness certificate before they are taken back.
  9. Boarders must report back to the hostel after holiday on scheduled dates.

Travelling Expenses for Boarders

Parents of boarders are required to send sufficient money a month before the end of each term for the travelling expenses or else the parent should make the arrangement for their child's homeward journey. The school will not pay any advance towards journey expenses of their wards. The parents must inform the authority in case if their ward intends to go self. The ticket for journey should be arranged in advance by the parents.

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